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Our musicals are provided as complete production kits and include

  • Professional recording of the show   - MP3 format
  • Karaoke Version - MP3 Format Ideal for practice and schools who prefer not to use live music
  • Sound Effects - MP3 format
  • Script - pdf
  • Musical Score - pdf


  • Download
  • Print/burn as many CDs, scripts, and musical scores as you need for your cast and crew (No copying fee)
  • Start Rehearsing

All materials are supplied for free.

Affordable performance royalties do apply and can be purchased from this site.

Not only is this the cheapest way for your school to put on a spectacular musical, but it can also be a most effective fundraiser for your school. See Recorded Media Royalties



Feature Musical: Robin Hood and Friar Tuck  the musical


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Comedy: Friar Tuck was the wild man of the monastery. Robin Hood, was the champion of the poor. They had several attributes in common. Both were men of principle and both exceptional hunters. When Tuck was banished from the Abbey and cast out to live rough in the green wood, it was only a matter of time until their paths crossed. The rest, as they say, is history. 


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Robin Hood and Friar Tuck the musical Robin Hood and Friar Tuck the musical
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